Playing County Fair Judge

Colin has been obsessed with the County Fair since we attended last week. He was simply fascinated that the animals were judged, and wanted to learn all about it – by asking me dozens of questions of course:

  • How do they win, Mommy?
  • What do they win, Mommy?
  • Why don’t the other ones win, Mommy?
  • When they win, what happens next, Mommy?
  • Do they feel happy when they win, Mommy?
  • Is it hard to be a judge, Mommy?

So, I had this neat idea to bring the fair home, and let him be the judge (maybe he could answer some of his own questions, too!). First, we had to make animals to judge – we picked rabbits.

Owen wanted a green rabbit. I see nothing wrong with that! And, in case you are wondering, we made our bunnies stand by taping toilet paper rolls to the back of them.

When the rabbits were finished, we took them outside to “The Bunny Barn” to be judged by Judge Colin, Bunny Expert.

He measured their ears.

He observed their hopping ability.

He went back to the judge’s table to tally the scores.

Well, would you look at that! I never would’ve expected that Judge Colin, Bunny Expert would have chosen his own bunny for the Blue Ribbon!

Owen chose not to enter his green bunny into the competition. He took it up into the tube of the playground equipment in our yard and played with it there by himself.

I asked Colin what it was like being a judge. He replied, “It was hard to choose because they all were nice. I picked my bunny to win because it had the fluffiest tail. I put the most cottons on it. Owen only put two cottons on the other brown one, so I did not give it a ribbon.” Whew! What a tough judge!

When the competition was over, he brought the bunnies inside and put them in their cages. He hung up the judge’s clipboard on a nail and called it a night.

“Being a judge made me tired.” – Colin

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