My Favorite Boredom Busters

Kids are bored? Need a simple thrill? Try these Basic Boredom Busters, tested and approved by Colin and Owen, and watch the whining turn into giggling right before your eyes!

Discover something new together. Whether it is an interesting fungus, a different city, a new playground, or an updated exhibit at a local museum, children are relatively easy to engage; especially, if you act excited and interested too!

Let them bake with you. No child can possibly be bored when they are allowed to stir, crack eggs, use interesting kitchen tools and taste test cookie dough or brownie batter!

Invite them to play in the mud. And always pretend to eat their homemade Mud Muffins!

Create something. Colin likes to use Mr. Potato Head body parts to create monsters out of homemade Play Dough. Owen is content chopping papers into a million tiny pieces with a pair of safety scissors. Do keep basic art supplies within your child’s reach!

Encourage imaginative play. All children, even little boys, enjoy dressing up and pretending to be someone else. In our dress-up bin there are shoes, ties, Halloween costumes, props, and assorted hats. A plain, wooden crate can become anything!

Help your child make new friends. Whether of the human or animal variety, new friends are important (new friends have different toys, different foods, different houses to play at and are exciting because they are, well, new and different!). Try a website like Meet Up to look for a playgroup near you. Teach your child that the best way to make friends is to be one.

And if all else fails . . .

Go to the park. Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without playgrounds.

8 thoughts on “My Favorite Boredom Busters

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