Product Review: Green Toys Dump Truck

Several years ago, I made an effort to clean our playroom. Conventional plastic and battery operated toys that required little imagination or held no educational value were resold or given away, and replaced with high quality wooden toys and Green Toys.

Green Toys, an authentic American company, manufactures beautiful, sturdy toys that are produced from 100% recycled materials – milk jugs – to be precise! The toys do not contain metal parts that will rust, or external paint coatings that will chip during play. These factors make Green Toys ideal for outside play with active children. Through rain or shine, we keep our Green Toys vehicles outside in the sand. To this day, the colors have not faded and the plastic has not cracked. The wheels still spin and the moving parts still move! Truly beautiful, sturdy toys!

The Green Toys Dump Truck, generously sent to Colin and Owen for review from Green Toys, has quickly become one of their favorites. They are crazy about the cheery colors and wide, workable dumper, and I appreciate that the toy is BPA and phthalate free.

“Vroom! Vroom! Watch out, Mommy. Heavy load coming through!”

Todd and I have always agreed that our boys make enough noise. Why would we choose to limit their creativity, and add to the noise with toys that beep, play music, and vroom with the push of a button?

Colin believed that the dumper of the truck would be large enough to hold water and a frog. If only they could catch one . . .

It got away! I guess the “single-handed quick slick frog pick-up trick” doesn’t always work!

In addition to their diverse selection of toys, including three new vehicles debuting this fall, Green Toys also has a line of recycled dishware, Green Eats. The toys and dishware are packaged in recyclable cardboard – no plastic, no zip ties, no twist ties – no waste! Easy to open, and even easier to reduce green house gas emissions and do something good for our planet.

Parent’s Magazine reported in their October 2012 issue that only 51% of preschool-aged children are taken outside to play each day. The magazine stated that “Outdoor play boosts motor development and academic achievement.” With that in mind, I encourage you to allow your children to get outside, get dirty, and play clean with Green Toys!

To purchase Green Toys direct from their website, visit here. They are also readily available on Amazon, which is my favorite place to save money when purchasing new toys.

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