Learning Colors Through Nature

Recently, Owen has taken an interest in learning to identify and say basic colors. His favorite color is green, and for a while when I asked him what color anything was, he cheerfully replied, “Geeeeeen!”

Today on our daily nature walk, we took the Color Match Cards and searched for matches. When the boys or I found one, we placed it into their buckets to take home.

When we got back home, I placed colorful felt rectangles onto the picnic table. Owen and Hudson had to sort their nature collection and match items to the correct felt rectangle. As they did this, I stated the color and asked Owen to repeat it.

I think this goes here.

No, it doesn’t.

Are you sure?

The rare colors to find were pink and blue. With some prompting, Owen finally noticed that the undersides of the red leaves were pink.

And he found a blue bubble wand in the grass.

He took charred wood from our fire pit to use for black.

And matched the inside of a milkweed pod to white.

It was just as much fun to blow as a dandelion!

Not only did this activity reinforce basic colors for Owen, but it provided both Owen and Hudson with an excellent sensory experience – soft milkweed, prickly pine needles, smooth rock, bumpy acorns – I stated the adjective describing the named object as I invited Owen and Hudson to feel it with their fingertips and hold it in their hands.

9 thoughts on “Learning Colors Through Nature

  1. Wow, what a great idea. So simple and very powerful learning. I think Marie and I are going to go out and find some autumn colors right now. Who needs a nap, anyway?!! 😉

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