Swimming in Leaves

It is an absolutely spectacular Autumn day here at Camp! The sun is bright, the temperature is mild, and the colors surrounding the lake are breathtaking.

I couldn’t think of a more perfect activity for the boys today than swimming in leaves. Honestly, I can’t take credit for this idea. It has been all over the internet for years and likely, has been enjoyed by children for generations before the internet existed! Most recently, I was reminded of it on Play at Home Mom’s Facebook Page.

To swim in leaves, simply pile raked leaves into your children’s summer kiddie pool (be sure to clear it of sticks and rocks). I like this activity because 1) I don’t need to keep re-raking leaf piles after they are kicked around and jumped into and 2) It keeps the children occupied for hours!

Leave it to my boys (pun intended) to come up with this brilliant plan!

Enjoy your children and this beautiful season!

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