The Squash Shop

As could be expected, the weather here in Northern Michigan went from perfect to wet and cold in just one day. We needed a new, creative indoor activity and came up with The Squash Shop. It proved to be entertaining, educational, and also was a brilliant color, size and texture recognition activity for Owen.

Colin: “Come and buy a squash! They are only one dollar each. If you buy one, you will like it!”

Me: “Do you have any striped squash today?”

Owen: “Here one Mama.”

Me: “Thank you, Sir. I’d also like to buy one bumpy squash.”

Colin: “I found it. But it’s a shaky squash.”

Me: “That’s okay. I prefer my squash shaken, not stirred. Hmmm . . . I am having a lot of company for dinner. I should probably purchase another. I would like a yellow and orange squash, please.”

Colin: “Store Worker! Now she wants a yellow and orange one.”

Me: “Oops. I’d really prefer a BIG yellow and orange squash if one is available.”

Owen: “Dis one Mama?”

Me: “That’s right! Thank you. Now I guess I’ll just pay and be on my way.”

Colin: Wait! You should buy our biggest squash. It’s on sale. If Nana was here, she would buy it because it’s on sale.”

Me: “It’s on sale? May I please see it before I decide?”

Me: “Wow, that squash is enormous! What is the sale price?”

Colin: “Actually, it is free now. Zero dollars. Like when the farmer gave us our little pumpkins for free. You are our best customer, Mommy.”

Me: “Thank you. I appreciate it and really enjoy shopping at The Squash Shop.”

Colin: “Are you going to blog about it?”

Me: (giggling, because my child just used the word blog in a sentence): “I don’t know. Probably.”

Colin: “So other people will see pictures of our squash shop? Tell them we are all sold out and to get their own squash.”

Me: “Okay, Colin. I’ll let them know.”

So, this is me letting you know . . . The Squash Shop is SOLD OUT. Get yers own squash!

Just a note: For those of you thinking that my child may be rude, think not. The “get yers own” phrase is a family joke between my boys and their Grandfather, and is meant in a silly way. Colin said it with a grin upon his face!

6 thoughts on “The Squash Shop

  1. That’s quite the squash collection! Are you guys going to end up eating them or using them for decorations and playtime?

    • Most of them are for eating and baking with (the pumpkins, acorns, zucchinis, and butternuts). The other ones (like the gourds) the boys and I picked up in various places for .25/piece to play with and keep out in a bowl for decoration. Most of them have pretty hard shells, so I don’t mind them playing with them all. I did mind the pumpkin throwing incident earlier today though (Owen was angry and threw a pumpkin at Colin. It hit him in the nose! Oh, the tears!).

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