Welcome to Apple Fest 2012!

Ten years ago, I was fresh out of college and working as an Outdoor Education Teacher at a YMCA Camp in Pennsylvania. It was there that I met my (future) husband and two of the best friends a gal could ask for: Sarah and Elizabeth.

Apple Fest premiered that fall when Sarah, Elizabeth, Jessica, Jenyfer, and I went apple picking in an orchard in upstate New York. Once our bags of apples were lugged inside, we huddled around the table in my parent’s kitchen chopping, stirring, mixing and giggling. The apple pies, crisps, and muffins just kept coming out of the oven! We brought them back to camp where they were devoured by camp staff, obviously half-starved from eating nothing but Dining Hall meals all summer long.

There were several more Apple Fests to be enjoyed in the following years with new and old friends (we even created an Apple Fest Cookbook!), but eventually, the physical distance between us due to job re-locations made the celebration nearly impossible. I miss the girls and Apple Fest so much, but have recently realized that I still do have Apple Fest every fall; I just have a new crew!

Sure . . . they might not yet make a delicious crumble topping like Sarah or chop apples as symmetrically as Elizabeth, but they do work hard and know how to have fun!

Picking the high apples isn’t as challenging as it used to be.

And we do make a pretty good team!

This year, our family enjoyed apple picking at Rennie Orchards. Rennie’s is truly a lovely farm with simple, but fun fall activities for children including apple and pumpkin picking, hay wagon rides, and a small maze. I enjoyed it because it was harvest focused and family oriented, as opposed to “Halloween Spooky,” which so many places become in October.

Throughout Apple Fest 2012 (October 7-12), I will be posting various apple crafts, activities, and recipes on my Facebook Page and Blog. To make it even more fun, I encourage you to do the same! If you have a favorite apple craft, activity or recipe (and pictures are always welcome!), please share it on the Wall of the Mud Pies and Fireflies Facebook Page. Bloggers are invited to link their apple crafts, activities and recipes on my Wall as well!

Let the fun begin!

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