Apple Fest 2012: Pickin’ Apples

I am always exhausted by Wednesday, so am guessing that you might be too! My gift to you – a super short post with a super simple activity for your preschooler. Enjoy!

Pickin’ Apples from The Mailbox magazine

  • Red, yellow and green pom-poms
  • A tree
  • Sorting plates
  • Tongs or Tweezers

1. Make a tree. You can get fancy with construction paper and make it huge, or just print one on the computer and have your in-home artist color it. When he is finished with his masterpiece, invite him to cut it out.

2. Place the apple tree on the floor. Put various colored apple pom-poms in the foliage. Have your child pick the apples with their tweezers or tongs (fine motor skills), and place them in the matching plate (early math skills, color recognition). I used different colored plastic lids, but really, anything could be used.

2 thoughts on “Apple Fest 2012: Pickin’ Apples

  1. This look so cute and easy!! My younger daughter is only a few months older than Owen. He reminds me a lot of the way Marie does things. I know she would enjoy this activity 🙂

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