Apple Fest 2012: Felt Apple Slice Giveaway

(Giveaway Closed)

Last October, my husband unexpectedly lost his job. There were times that life on the unemployment line was very scary and stressful. I frequently felt guilty because most of my children’s toys and books had to go into storage (where they currently remain until we have time to get completely settled here in Michigan). However, more often than not, I felt thankful for a more simple life with less stuff, the fact that we could move anywhere we wanted to go, and that we were given the opportunity to refocus and grow stronger as a family.

It didn’t surprise me that the toy the boys missed most was their wooden kitchen set. How they love to create and cook! “Mommy, where is our wooden food again?” Colin asked one morning.

“It’s packed away until we move to a new camp.” I replied.

“Can we make some new food?” he asked.

Why not?  I thought. I had just read a blog post from Inner Child Fun about using socks to make play doughnuts, so we started there. Doughnut socks turned into a doughnut shop, which with the addition of eggs, pancakes, fruit, and bacon became a breakfast cafe, which soon became a full fledged restaurant when sandwiches, cupcakes, and a steak dinner with green beans appeared on the menu! Before I knew it, I had a successful little Etsy Shop (it’s currently closed until we are all moved in, but here is the Facebook Page if you are interested – it hasn’t had much attention lately) and an out of control collection of wool sweaters from Goodwill!

These little felt apple slices were fun to cook up, and giving a set away to a fan of Mud Pies and Fireflies would make me feel very happy! The hand-sewn apples are made from and stuffed with 100% wool. For Colin and Owen’s set, I glued apple seeds to the white cashmere to give them a fun texture and harvesty appeal. However, I would be happy to replace the real seeds (which can easily be pulled off by little fingers) with brown felt seeds, permanently attached, upon request.

Thank you for joining me for Apple Fest 2012! I had fun and hope that you did too.

To enter the Felt Apple Slice Giveaway, simply share your favorite Apple Fest 2012 post in the comment box linking this post on the Mud Pies and Fireflies Facebook Page. I will choose a recipient Sunday (10/14/12) evening using a random number generator. Open to U.S. Residents only.

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