Classic Pumpkin Painting

Perhaps you are thinking, is pumpkin painting really a blog worthy activity . . . really? I say yes! Anything that you can do outside with your children after 4 days of rain and freezing cold is blog worthy!

Today the sky cleared, the air warmed, and we got outside bright and early for a nature walk in the woods.

The boys just ran and played and laughed and smiled – feeling happy and thankful to be outdoors!

When we returned back to our cabin, it was time to paint pumpkins. Though acrylic paint will give your pumpkin a more weather resistant finish, I always use tempera so that when Halloween is over, I can wash the pumpkins and bake them.

Though simple, pumpkin painting is a creative, fine motor developing, sensory experience (wet, cold, sticky paint – smooth, cool, bumpy pumpkin) that brings feelings of accomplishment, focus, and pleasure to young people!

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