Login to Your Life: 10 Tech-free Family Activities

Thank you to the Detroit Tigers and Todd for making it so easy to snap pictures like this for my recent posts! Maybe after Detroit’s World Series Victory (hey, we are remaining optimistic!), it will be easier to drag him away for these 10 Tech-free Family Activities.

1. Log off RIGHT NOW (you can come back to this post later when your children are asleep – it will still be here – I promise!) and hug, kiss, or tickle your child! Better yet, do all three!

2. Help your child build a new toy using natural materials found outside. Need an idea? Try a Milkweed Pod Sailboat!

3. Join your child’s imaginary world. This week I’ve been a dog catcher, a farmer, a mountain goat, a surgery patient, and a grandma. Colin and Owen love it when we play their games.

TIP: When I’m exhausted and not really in the mood for high energy acting, I lay on the couch, give a little “meow,” and am suddenly transformed into a “baby kitty” who needs warm blankets, pillows, and snacks. My need for extra rest and their need for attention are both met.

4. Make time to volunteer in your child’s class or school. As a School Counselor (well, School Counselor turned full-time Mama/Writer/Child Care Provider), I can’t stress enough how important it is to remain active in your child’s education.

And here’s a secret that I was frequently told in the counseling office by students: They LOVE to see you at school, especially for a “special lunch.” Most schools are happy to accommodate parents for this activity. I urge you to remain respectful of your school’s schedule and rules: 1) Make arrangements in advance with your child’s teacher. 2) Prepare a healthy lunch – no soda or junk food that could cause sugar-related behavior problems. 3) Get your child back to class on time!

5. Read to your child. One book that the boys and I have really enjoyed this week is The Biggest Pumpkin Ever by Steven Kroll.

6. Enjoy something beautiful together. Sit quietly, put your arm around your child, and just be. Remind them about that special moment when you tuck them in at night to leave them with a peaceful thought.

It was very special to sit with you and watch the rainbow today. I love you. Goodnight.

7. Start a LEAF WAR!

8. Visit a children’s museum to play and discover with your kids!

9. Go out for ice-cream as a family. We couldn’t leave Thatcher out of the fun! The boys thought it was HILARIOUS! A dog eating ice-cream?!

10. Announce that it’s Make Your Own Pizza and Game Night (then listen to your small audience cheer!). We love to play Pengoloo and Candy Land.

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