Mad Scientist Lab

Welcoming today’s guest bloggers, Colin and Owen.

I am Mad Scientist Colin and I am doing experiments today with Mad Scientist Owen. This is our lab. We mix potions in our lab and make things happen.

What sort of things happen in your lab, Mad Scientist Colin?

We make bubbles with vinegar and powder. I don’t remember what the powder is named.

It’s called baking soda.

Oh, baking soda. Quick! Look at Owen’s, Mommy! It’s doing it!

Mama! Green bubbles!

Mommy, what is the orange balloon for?

I’ll show you. First, put some baking soda into that old baby bottle. Good. Now pour vinegar into it. Okay, stop! That’s enough! I have to put the balloon on the bottle.

Wow! Owen look! Look! The balloon is blowing up. How does that even happen? It’s magic!

It’s not magic. It’s science! Baking soda and vinegar mix together and make a gas called carbon dioxide. The gas fills the bottle and tries to get out of the top, but the balloon catches it. That is why it blows up.

This is fun. We like doing experiments. Owen! Don’t take all of the blue! You have to save some for me, Owen.

No, Colin. I blue!

Oh. Cold and bubbly. It tickles my fingers. Mommy, I’m going to do some pouring now. Watch and see what happens.

What happened?

At first I did not know what was going to happen. But then I looked and saw that I made a new color, grey.

How did you make grey?

I think I made it because I mixed all of the colors together. Hey! Red, blue, green and purple make grey! Owen, what are you doing?

Dumping, Colin.

You are getting better at pouring, Owen. But I’m the best pourer.

Colin, it isn’t kind to give someone a compliment and then take it away by saying that you are better.

But I am, Mommy.

You’ve had a lot more practice because you are older. And when you practice something a lot, you get better at it.

Can we keep practicing more Science?


6 thoughts on “Mad Scientist Lab

  1. Oooo, what great “rainy day” activities!! It is super cold here, suddenly, so we will be doing this kind of stuff in the basement 🙂

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