Mad Scientist Slime

Welcoming Mad Scientist Colin and Mad Scientist Owen back as Guest Bloggers today.

Mommy, are we going to do more Science Experiments today?

Do you want to?


Yeah Mama!

Put on your lab coats then. Today we are making Mad Scientist Slime!

What’s slime?

Let’s find out. First, please pour your bottle of glue into your bowl.

Now add three tablespoons of water to your glue. Stir it well!

Now what?

Now you choose a color. White, purple, green, blue or pink?

I want pink and blue.

Blue and green.

Add three drops of food dye to your white glue mixture. Stir it until it looks smooth.

Okay. This is when the science happens. We are going to add a special ingredient called borax. I mixed one tablespoon of borax into this cup of water. Scoop up one tablespoon of this solution and pour it into your glue mixture. Let’s see what happens.

It’s getting all clumpy! It’s sticking to my spoon. Is it slime now?

Yes! Slime is a type of polymer. This polymer is stretchy and feels wet, but I want you to touch it. What does it feel like?

My hands are dry! It feels slippery. Can I take it out?


Let’s make another batch of blue, but this time, let’s add two tablespoons of the borax solution. Is it more stretchy, or less stretchy?

It’s not stretchy. It won’t go down. I don’t like that slime. It’s not fun.

Time passed . . . both the slime and children were eventually cleaned up. The boys went out to play, then came back in for more slime play while I prepared dinner.

Daddy home!

Daddy, look what we made. We made slime.

You made slime! Can I play? Melis, do we have any straws?

Daddy made a slime balloon. Slime is awesome!

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