It’s November

The brilliant fall color spectacular has taken a bow and turned brown on the ground. The sky is white. The trees are grey. The forest is silent except for the caw of the crow. It’s November. What do we do now?

If you live up North, bundle up. In our family, snow pants aren’t just for snow. They are for keeping warm because outside play is still an essential part of our day. Without outdoor play, the boys become squirrely and don’t sleep as well at night. They simply need the fresh air!

Today we took a walk around Camp to observe how it has changed since July.

It’s hard to believe that pristine white snow could cover this same spot any day now! Where has the year gone?

After our walk, the boys just played around the yard doing . . . whatever!

Trucks . . .

Sticks . . .

Staring contests . . .

But soon enough, as happens more often than not in November, little noses became frozen. We went back inside to warm up, play with toys, and enjoy some time on (yes, I pay for the yearly subscription to – it’s inexpensive and very worth it – especially in Winter!).

Now, I need to take a few nights off of blogging to knit myself a hat. The kids might be all prepared for Winter, but I’m still missing a few essential items!

Speaking of hats, please join me in convincing Todd that this hat needs to be reconsidered. It scares me and makes me laugh at the same time!

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