5 Ways to Make Sunday Special and Simple

Thanksgiving . . . Black Friday . . . Small Business Saturday . . . Let’s just take a breath (and close our purses) to make Sunday special and simple before it all begins again on Cyber Monday.

1. Wake them up with a breakfast that is sure to bring on a smile! But save yourself the hassle after all of that Thanksgiving cooking and *GASP* allow yourself to use a boxed mix – I did. I felt so freeeeeee . . . !

2. If they bring you a book, then practice the D.E.A.R philosophy: drop everything and read (yes, even your leftover pumpkin pie – you can finish it later!).

3. Let them help you with a “grown up” job. It’s quality time that increases self-esteem and instills responsibility.

4. Hang homemade bird feeders close to your home so that you can watch the birds enjoy them.

5. Relax in a chair and allow your child to serve you treats from their homemade snack cart. Be sure to make a very big deal about how delicious the food is, while taking dramatically large pretend bites. If your child has a great sense of humor (mine do – most of the time) continue to request an item that is not on their cart. Todd kept asking for Mountain Dew and they laughed and laughed, “Sir! We don’t sell Mountain Dew! We only have milk, tea, coffee or orange juice!”

And that’s that. A super short post for a special, simple Sunday. Take a break after Thanksgiving – you deserve it!

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