DIY: Holiday Stocking Stuffers

12 3 019-0021. Superhero Peg People: Easy to make! Purchase wooden peg people (I’ve seen them at A.C. Moore and Hobby Lobby, or, online here) and simply paint them to look like your child’s favorite super hero characters.

2. Combination Felt Board/Chalkboard: I purchased this adorable, personal chalkboard at my local office supply store and simply pressed adhesive felt to the other side. It took just an hour to snip a festive holiday scene from ribbon and felt.

2012-12-03 12 33. Christmas Playdough: Whip up a quick batch of festive, holiday playdough. Allow it to cool before placing it in a plastic bag or jar, and wrapping a ribbon around it.

playdough 0144. Story Blocks: By now you’ve probably heard about the ever popular and lovely “Story Stones.” This Christmas, try Story Blocks – painted blocks with pictures of people, clothes, vehicles, buildings, objects, and nature. Invite your child to shake the bag and pour them out onto the floor. Build a story together or recount a memory from the past, using the pictures that are facing up on blocks as guides. I purchased my blocks at Hobby Lobby. To increase the life of your story blocks, seal with clear spray. TIP: Leave one side blank (pictured above) for your child to verbally fill in from their own imagination – like a free space!

12 7 2445. No Sew Felt Lollipops: Kids will smile at this unique addition to their play kitchen set. Simply: 1) Trace 2 felt circles of the same color. 2) Hot glue a lollipop stick to one of the felt circles. 3) Hot glue around the outside of the circle that has the stick attached and place the other felt circle on top. 4) Repeat with other colors. 5) Tie into a bunch with a pretty ribbon.

lollipops 014

* * *

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19 thoughts on “DIY: Holiday Stocking Stuffers

    • I’m sorry. No tutorial. I didn’t use one either to link you to. I just “googled” pictures of superheroes, painted the pegs to look like them, and seal it with clear spray. I’m working on a Nativity now! I hope it comes out as cute as the Superheroes!

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