Wooden Peg Elves: 1 Toy, 3 Games!

2012-12-013 (2)Confession: I’m a stress crafter.

Yes, it’s true, *sigh*. In graduate school, I knitted scarves and baby booties like they were going out of style. When I was pregnant with Colin and had “becoming a Mommy” anxiety, I sewed enough colorful burp cloths and flannel baby wipes to share with the whole maternity ward. Last year when Todd lost his job, I overindulged in thrifted wool sweaters and churned out so much wool felt play food that I had to open an Etsy Shop and sell it through Facebook!

Certainly, when my stress levels are normal I may make something here and there, but when they are off-balance, I tend to go on craft binges to keep my hands and mind occupied so that I don’t worry about what I’ve been worrying about.

A bag of wooden peg people kept me busy this week. I transformed them into a troop of almost identical elves and thought of 3 festive games for the boys to play with them.

2012-12-014Do you remember that super trendy, holiday computer game from the late 1990s? It was called Elf Bowling, and my roommate from college and I were obsessed with it. My boys got a real kick out of this classier, kid-appropriate version.

  1. Line up your painted elves, bowling pin style.
  2. Take a few steps back and gently roll a ball towards them to knock them down.
  3. Repeat, being sure to kindly take turns with your little brother.

2012-12-015An entertaining after-dinner game, Elf Memory is sure to please every member of the family. Simply paint matching pictures on the bottom of each elf. Take turns and try to find matches. When the game is over, the person with the most matches treats everyone else to peppermint ice-cream!

2012-12-016This game is so easy! First, tell your children to go wait in their bedrooms with the doors shut so that you can hide the elves (but seriously, take this moment of peace and solitude to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and a Christmas Cookie – you deserve it!).

When your hot chocolate is gone, begin hiding the elves. Up, down, all around – who knows where they will be?! When you are all set, simply holler, “Come and find the elves!” Your moment of serenity will be over as your children race around, giggling and shouting, “I see one!” Whoever collects the most is the champion and gets to hide them the next round (yes, Mommy has to wait in her room too – preferably on the bed with her favorite magazine!).

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