The Best (and Worst!) of 2012

If I had to sum up the year 2012 with just one word, I would choose the word challenging.

Of course, there were many highlights (and, there is much to be grateful for!). Owen ditched his pacifier and diapers, Colin learned to write and ride horses, Todd began an MBA program and I started a blog! Our family boiled maple syrup, traveled extensively, and enjoyed 3 seasons in a beautiful place.

New folder1-002Yet, there were many difficulties. Much of the year, our family coped with unemployment and relocation. We never even had the opportunity to get settled in Michigan before we found ourselves having to move again. I am hoping that in 2013, we will find a way to bring back a sense of home and stability to our lives. I hope that we will find a place to stay.

Last year at this time, I never would’ve imagined that I would have a blog that has received almost 11,000 views in just 4 short months! Fireflies and Mud Pies has been a gift that has given me a sense of purpose and home. I am happy to have a place to record memories for Colin, Owen, and Todd and have been humbled by messages of support, encouragement, gratitude, and appreciation from my readers.

Thank you for reading, and I hope 2013 brings you what you need (and a little bit of what you want!). Happy New Year!

The Top 10 Posts of 2012:

1. DIY: Holiday Stocking Stuffers

“Love these ideas! Particularly love the superhero peg dolls! Awesome! Found you at Lizzies facebook page!” ~Bek @ Just For Daisy

12 3 019-0022. Cold Weather Sanity Savers

“First of all I am so jealous that it has snowed there! All the photos with the games your kids play in the house look like they are having so much fun!” ~ Maro’s Kindergarten

3. Nature Walks with Children

“Great post Melissa!! “Nature Deficit Disorder” is so prevalent in the lives of so many young children today! I can tell a difference in my boys attitudes on rainy days when we can’t get outside (and not in a good way!). I LOVE the color match idea! Not something we’ve done before, but we will definitely be trying this very soon-especially with all the colors of fall!! HAPPY AUTUMN!” ~ Michele S.

4. Sticks! The Original Wooden Toy

“I missed this one! Another wonderful post about play, can’t wait for more!” ~ Kayla

5. Mad Scientist Slime

“that is soooooooooooooooooo awesome! and i’m absolutely in love with your writing style in this post! thanks again for linking up!” ~ Andie

6. My Favorite Boredom Busters

What a great list! I’ll be sharing/linking.” ~ Valerie

7. Make a Splash!

“Now that is the best pictures I have seen for puddle fun. Brilliant!” ~ Fiona

8. Mad Scientist Lab

“Oooo, what great “rainy day” activities!! It is super cold here, suddenly, so we will be doing this kind of stuff in the basement” ~ Elizabeth

9. Saltine Toffee

“Ohhh i have a staff meeting this week PERFECT!!” ~ Sherry

12 3 008-002

10. On Their Own

“I could not agree with your philosophy on childhood any more! I too try to foster independence and problem solving in my child. I’m so glad that you shared this on The Sunday Parenting Party and that I found your wonderful blog! I’m sharing this on my facebook page and it will be featured on tomorrow’s Sunday Parenting Party on my blog.”

~ Amanda

The Bottom 5 Posts of 2012:

5. DIY: Wooden Snowmen: I have no explanation as to why this adorable craft is in the bottom 5 except for the fact that I didn’t make much effort to promote it. The day after it was published, we found out that we had to leave Michigan and I was a bit . . . preoccupied.

12 17 018-001

4. Login to Your Life: 10 Tech-free Family Activities: Now, this one surprised me! I thought this post would be more popular. Maybe readers tuned out when I declared that the Detroit Tigers would win the World Series . . .

3. Apple Fest 2012: Apple Butter: Oh, I’m not sure what went wrong with this post (or my apple butter, for that matter – all of the jars grew white mold inside – what a waste!).

2. Apple Fest 2012: Pickin’ Apples: With few words, this post portrays the simple fact that children love kitchen tongs.

1. Apple Fest 2012: Mr. Apple Head: Although, this post only received an embarrassing 23 views (by statistics, the “worst” post of the year), this actually was one of Colin and Owen’s favorite activities. Go figure!

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8 thoughts on “The Best (and Worst!) of 2012

  1. I am new the bloggers world and yours is one of my first to read. I have enjoyed all I have read and I thank you for sharing your life and ideas.

  2. Had so much fun reviewing your year of posts. You know I really love your list of worsts. I had never thought to highlight mine on my blog but I should bc just like your Mr. Potato/Applehead activity some of our favorite activities were the least popular with readers.

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