Enjoying Ice Jewels

1 2 015-001Inspired by the colored ice balloons here, I knew the boys would love this must-do Winter activity.

It’s a good thing that I decided to prepare it after they were in bed. If you had been with me, you probably would’ve been laughing uncontrollably and snapping incriminating pictures of me to post online. Imagine this:

Balloons Ripping
Water Spraying

My hands were green-blue-red-yellow for the next several days.

1 2 032The next morning, Colin, Owen and I went outside to check on them. Much to my delight, the balloons had split and slid off of the ice by themselves. The boys got down to the business of playing right away!

1 2 027In their game, Dragon and King, the dragon (Owen) had to try to steal the jewels from the king (Colin). Colin towed them around on a sled and buried them in the snow to try to fool the dragon.

1 2 104Little did he know, the dragon wasn’t his biggest threat. Jessie was very interested in the ice jewels as well. She sneaked up behind him, grabbed a yellow one, and ran away!

1 2 050“Get back here!” shouted King Colin. Jessie continued to run, quite pleased with her version of the game.

After playing for about 30 minutes, the boys declared that they were cold and ready to go to run errands (Huh?! Well, okay! If you insist!). Which brings me to my next photo . . .

1 2 040Ice jewels are a lot of fun, but are quite messy!

To make your own Ice Jewels, drip several drops of food dye into high quality water balloons, then fill with water as directed on the package. Tie and rinse the balloons, then place them outside (or in a freezer) overnight. Play and enjoy!

* * *

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19 thoughts on “Enjoying Ice Jewels

    • Notice how I said fill “high quality” water balloons with water and dye? Tip: You won’t find any “high quality” balloons in the party section at Target . . . But, it is also tricky to place the balloon over the faucet without spilling any dye, high quality balloon or not! So worth it though! When you do it with your kids, post pictures! I’d love to see it!

      • Thanks! Maybe a silly question but with the balloon themselves being of various color, why do you need to add the food coloring? What happens if you just fill them with plain water and freeze?

      • Not a silly question! Water expands when it freezes (you know this!) and the ice splits the balloons. When we checked on our balloons the next morning, the balloons had already split and come off by themselves. However, you could just use plain water if you didn’t want to deal with the mess of the dye (it came off the boy’s hands by the next day and thankfully, they both have dark winter coats – so any stains have not shown!).

  1. I am thinking about using some natural materials to make the dye, rather than food coloring? Might not be as bright though….but less stain, if that matters. What about freezing leaves and other colorful things into the balloons… will experiment

  2. We make these t play in the HOT summers here in FL. I use washable paints/water colors to make the colored water, that way our dress/hands are not stained 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment on the washable paints. I have been wanting to ask Melissa if that would work, but just haven’t gotten a chance to get on and ask. The idea looks really fun, but I didn’t want to stain up their coats, clothes, etc.

  3. I made these for my preschool class the other day. I think I had the exact same blue dye experience! They loves them and their hands got a bit stained but it did not get onto their lothes at all.

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