3 Simple Snowflake Crafts

3 Simple Snowflake CraftsWe’ve been having a challenge with the boys lately . . . they are waking up too darn early in the morning (4-5 AM)! This would be fine if they were happy and energetic upon waking, but they aren’t. The morning is filled with sluggish bickering, grumping, and yawning. Today at 5 AM, strongly believing that my little dears were waking up early simply to watch cartoons, I banished morning TV (except Saturday mornings). I’ll be honest, we have been using early morning TV as a way for Mama and Daddy to sneak in extra sleep; dozing on the couch while they were in morning zombie Clifford Land seemed better than no sleep at all. But when your almost three-year old’s first words (early, early, early!) in the morning are, “I want TV,” I say enough is enough!

They weren’t happy about it. “What can we dooooooooo?” whined Colin. Good, I thought to myself, I hope you are bored. Maybe then you’ll just stay in bed until the sun comes up. But he pulled out construction paper and said, “If we can’t watch TV, then let’s make snowflake crafts.”

Next thing you know, I’ll be banishing early morning crafts too!

Foil Snowflakes

  • Aluminum foil
  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Pencil

1. Draw an intersection of 4 lines (or whatever shape you desire) on a piece of a construction paper.

2. Give your child the paper and a small sheet of aluminum foil. Show them how to tear small bits of foil to glue onto the lines.

January 10 031Doily Snowflakes

1. Cut and fold the paper doilies to make snowflakes.

January 10 Second 002

Q-Tip Flakes

  • Q-Tips
  • Construction paper
  • Glue

1. Simply glue the Q-Tips to the paper in the shape of the snowflake.

1 10 002-001

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