Let’s Learn About: New Hampshire

1 14 031-001The thing that you need to know about New Hampshire is that it, perhaps, is the most beautiful and underrated state in New England. Between the mountains and lakes and the coast and small towns, there isn’t much not to love.

During our stay in New Hampshire, we will be living in a simple, 1772 Colonial homestead that has been in my family for decades. It smells like a combination of wood smoke, bacon, and something sweet that I can’t quite put my finger on – a smell that may make a visitor crinkle their nose, but to me is pure comfort. I used to come here as a child for summer vacations, as my father did when he was a child, and not much has changed here since.

2013-01-14 1 14The boys are not strangers to this place either. “The Brown House,” as they call it, feels like home to them. Last Spring, we stayed here for several months and enjoyed some old-fashioned Maple Sugarin’! They especially love clamoring over the rock walls that stripe the old farm property.

1 15 090-001An unusual January thaw has burdened the roads with deep, muddy ruts and has turned the snow into heavy, wet slush. We went outside to do a “New Hampshire Fun Facts Scavenger Hunt,” but we only got as far as identifying a White Birch (the state tree).

1 14 080-001It turns out that heavy wet slush just happens to be the perfect kind of snow for running an imaginary ice cream shop, and we might have become a little distracted.

1 14 045

Shockingly (considering the Spring-like air today), I was their only customer. When I asked for “chocolate ice cream, please,” Colin didn’t hesitate. He knew right where to find chocolate ice cream, New Hampsha early mud-season style.

1 14 058I look forward to writing to you from this little antique table that overlooks my grandmother’s sleeping gardens as I know, even in this stressful time of transition and unemployment, I will find all sorts of inspiration in The Granite State . . . and I’m keeping faith that something wicked awesome is just down the road for us.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Learn About: New Hampshire

  1. The brown house benefited greatly from your last stay – it felt nicer somehow. I think those old walls were grateful to host a busy family with young children again and to be lived in instead of merely visited! We are delighted to have you closer to family again, and know that ‘this old house’ is in good hands. Welcome back. 🙂

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