Let’s Learn About: Graphing and Sorting with Candy Hearts

PicMonkey CollageIt’s not like I really need an excuse to purchase candy hearts, but it sure was nice to be able to validate it by saying, “I need these for a math activity for the boys.” Todd didn’t buy it, though. “Sure you do,” he replied, picking out the oranges.

“No, I really do! And pick a new color. The orange ones are my favorite!”

When I was a kid, math was really hard for me. Candy would’ve made it so much better! The truth is, if my teachers had presented math in a more hands-on, engaging way and had connected it to real life experiences (I’m not joking when I confess that I didn’t “get” fractions until I began cooking on my own in graduate school. I had an aha! moment in the middle of preparing apple crisp!), as opposed to mandated curriculum out of context, I probably would’ve been more successful. But then again, maybe not . . . I’m very right-brained.

1 8 023Sorting and counting are early math skills that build spacial sense and number sense.

1. Tape 3 sheets of computer paper together.

2. Draw a heart for each color, and add an extra for a color not included in the bag (this will introduce your child to the number zero).

3. Show your child how to sort the candy hearts into the correct color category. When all of the hearts have been sorted, count them together.

1 8 016Graphing is an early math skill that builds number sense, spacial sense and teaches children to differentiate between less than and greater than.

1. Draw a simple bar graph on a sheet of computer paper. I numbered our graph up to 10 and included a column for every color.

2. When your child has completed their graph, have them count the hearts in every column. Ask them questions that will teach them to read and interpret the information on the graph (ex. Is the number of pinks greater than the number of yellows?).

I am determined to keep math tears out of our home. By starting now and introducing early math skills in a playful way, I can give Colin and Owen a head-start before they begin formal math instruction in elementary school.

* * *

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