Valentine Nature Hike

heart rocksIt’s too easy to make excuses to stay inside this time of year! Encourage your family to get their daily dose of fresh air by taking them on a Valentine Nature Hike around your neighborhood or at a local park.

Beginning the Valentine Nature Hike

Start by grabbing your camera, because on this hike, everyone is on the lookout for hearts. When someone spots a natural object in the shape of a heart, take a picture. Make it a friendly competition by keeping track of who can find the most, or work cooperatively towards a group goal.

January 31 064You might discover something new, or notice something for the very first time.

January 31 073It’s like a treasure hunt!

January 31 078And you might, just might, find an exciting, new place to explore . . .

January 28 047. . . or, something a little unusual . . .

January 28 130. . . or, a secret, forgotten place.

January 28 133The point is, you are outside – together – enjoying our beautiful world and the company of those you love.

PS. Did you find the hearts in every picture?!

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