DIY Wooden Candy Heart Memory

The blizzard has finally begun! We have been snuggled up indoors most of the day, watching movies napping on the couch or playing with toys or games, like Candy Heart Memory

Picture 1 MemoryDIY Candy Heart Memory Instructions

1. Purchase wooden hearts (A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby).

2. Paint 1 side of every heart pink.

3. Paint the other sides of the hearts in a candy heart color (two of each color to create pairs).

4. Using a thin paintbrush dipped in red or hot pink paint, or a fine-tipped paint marker, paint/write the classic candy heart messages on each heart.

5. Seal with clear acrylic spray.

Picture 2 MemoryPlaying Candy Heart Memory

The rules are the same as regular memory! Place all of the wooden hearts down so that the pink side is facing up. The youngest player goes first by flipping over 2 hearts. If they are match, keep them! If they are not a match, flip them back over and let the next player have a go.

Picture 4 MemoryStoring the Game

A drawstring bag (from the wedding section of any craft store), provides easy storage and lovely gift presentation if you are giving the game away as a Valentine.

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