The Wicked Big Storm

blizzardYesterday, snow fell and drifted continuously throughout the day and night, covering our part of New Hampshire with more than 2 feet of snow! Upon waking, we peeked outside through the door to see how much had accumulated overnight.

February 9 029And that is as far as we could get the screen door open! How were we going to get outside?

February 9 038Colin and Owen were the only ones who could fit through, so we sent them outside to shovel the door out! Beyond the glass pane, there was a whole new world to explore (and big trucks to watch). Thankfully, we only lost Owen once (picture below – top right corner)!

snow worldTodd showed off his best blizzard tricks. The boys especially enjoyed when he dove into the snow and his whole body disappeared (yes, those are his feet in the air)!

todds tricksHe confesses that diving into the snow might not have been his brightest moment! But, it’s okay, Todd, we all have our “moments.” Here’s mine:

I was snowshoeing alone down a hill (to compact the snow to create a sledding hill for the boys, of course!), and I fell face first into 3 feet of drifted snow. I should mention that since I was also taking photographs, I wasn’t wearing gloves. To stand up, I had to roll (with snow shoes that had buckles – not quick release), and push myself up – which meant I had to place my bare hands into the snow – which went up past my shoulder! On my way up, I lost a snow shoe, but my hands were so numb that I couldn’t get it back on. I hiked all the way home, with my right foot sinking deep to the ground (and tears rolling down my cheeks from the pain in my bare skin – and perhaps a hurt ego). Hours later, my hands are still sore!

February 9 round 2 078Playing in the snow is so much fun, but honestly, this much snow is a little too much to handle. I know that my favorite part of the wicked big storm was coming back inside for warm, homemade cinnamon buns – I think Colin would agree!

February 9 242

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11 thoughts on “The Wicked Big Storm

  1. Wow, I can’t imagine that kind of snow, we never get that much here. I expect the sound quality must change dramatically, that’s something I notice here even with a small snowfall. I’m rather jealous, I love the snow. Will it stay long do you think?

  2. What fun you all had in the snow! Great pics!
    I can totally relate to your incident. I’ve also fallen in the snow, with snowshoes on and no mittens because I was taking pictures! Fortunately my hubby was nearby to pull me up. Hop you’re feeling better!

  3. Now that is a serious snowfall! Think you are right, though, that is almost too much snow to handle but your photos are brilliant. Thanks so much for adding this to the outdoor play link up, Kierna

  4. Love these pictures!! I wish we got just one good snow fall here in Va. I love snow pictures!!
    The memories created that day are priceless. Glad you are ok. (Momma’s Fun World)

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