Valentine’s Day Rainbow Crayons

A popular internet craft – recycling old, damaged crayons into new ones – is a smart way to save money and create a one-of-a-kind handcrafted gift.

Valentine's Day Rainbow Crayons

DIY Valentine’s Day Rainbow Crayons

1. Collect broken crayons. (It’s always good to look under the couch, in junk drawers, and in the bottom of the crayon box.)

2. Peel the paper off of the broken crayons. Valerie from Inner Child Fun recommends slicing the paper with a pocket knife to make it easier for children – an excellent tip!

owencrayons3. Place crayons into a heart-shaped silicone tray (perfect for Valentine’s Day), or whatever mold you prefer. If you are using a silicone tray, it is helpful to place the tray onto a metal cookie sheet to minimize dumping and spilling. TIP: If you sort the crayons by color, you are less likely to end up with grayishbrownishblueish crayons like we did!

4. Melt the crayons in a low temperature oven. Cool the crayons at room temperature. (If you place them outside in the cold or in the freezer, the crayons will crack.) The crayons will easily pop out of the molds when they are cool.

1 5 1585. Color your heart out!

crayon collage

Have you ever made homemade rainbow crayons before? What tips do you have?

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