Felt Board Easter Eggs

This past Christmas, I made Colin and Owen personal felt boards. Felt boards are wonderful for illustrating simple stories or songs, and are especially helpful when introducing an upcoming holiday, such as Easter!

3 6 119To make a felt board Easter egg, you will need:

  • assorted felt scraps and sheets, including adhesive felt
  • scissors
  • plastic gems with a small piece of felt glued on the back

1. Cut various shapes, stripes, and wavy lines from the felt.

3 6 1022. Cut out an Easter egg from the white felt. Using the white egg, trace the same shape onto a different color of adhesive felt. Stick the adhesive felt to the back of the white egg to create a double-sided egg.

3 6 1353. Play and enjoy!

3 6 128What do you think of Colin’s Green Bay egg? Go Pack, Go! (We used to live in Wisconsin. I like the team’s colors and the unity and spirit amongst Packers fans.)

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