DIY Spring Memory Game

The white Snowdrop flowers that have bloomed in my Grandmother’s garden are proof that spring is just around the corner! Celebrate this much anticipated season with your child by surprising him or her with a handmade Spring Memory game!

spring memoryTo make Spring Memory, you’ll need:

  • gift tags
  • 2 packs of bird stickers
  • scalloped circle punch (small)
  • a book or magazine with floral images (I used a damaged children’s book from the 1960s)
  • glue
  • ribbon

1. Using the punch, cut out floral images from the book or magazine. Glue 1 to the top of each gift tag (this will be the top of the Memory game).

March 8 0792. Place 1 bird sticker on the bottom of each tag. (Be sure to make pairs!)

3. Play and enjoy!

March 8 128This game makes a lovely gift. Simply run a checkered ribbon through the holes and tie with a bow!

March 8 137I love making Memory Games. They are simple, adaptable, and don’t require difficult craft supplies. To see more handmade Memory Games, visit my board on Pinterest.

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