The First Mud Puddles of Spring

Oooo, friends . . . The boys have been waiting for this day for months. Today was finally warm enough to get outside and properly welcome Mud Season!

the first mud puddles of springTo properly enjoy spring Mud Season, one must:

1. Prepare the first mudlicious mud pie of the year. Season well with pebbles, twigs, and grit.

March 13 11432. Splash your biggest 3-year-old splash into the wettest, ooziest, squishiest mud puddle imaginable!

March 13 10303. Dig. Dig as hard and as fast and as sloppily as you possibly can!

March 13 11494. Move the mud. Move it here. Then there. No, wait . . . I liked it back over there better.

March 13 11765. Keep on jumping! Don’t let your feet touch the ground because if they do, you might lose a boot!

March 13 1108What a great day for the kids! Nothing brings me more joy than seeing them enjoy childhood the way it was meant to be!

Have you properly welcomed Mud Season yet?

10 thoughts on “The First Mud Puddles of Spring

  1. Here we’ve been waiting for this day also, but had a sick kid….
    Waiting for him to get well!!!
    Thank you for putting a smile on my face…

  2. You are a brave, brave mommy! Kudos to you! It looks like you (or at least your boys) had a blast seeing how ooey, gooey they could get. What fantastic photos too!

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