10 Ways to Honor Earth Day

Are you searching for a simple way to honor Earth Day with your children? Here are 10 ideas to get you started!

10 Ways to Honor Earth Day

1. Clean up your community park. Grabbers, as my children call them, can be found at dollar stores and in the toy section of major chain stores. Though you and your child should still wear protective gloves, grabbers make the task fun and simple for kids, while exercising their gross and fine motor skills.

2. Turn trash into treasure.  We built this cute, recyclable pirate ship from used paper straws and an old egg carton. With just a little paint, glue, and imagination, your little one can set sail too!

pirate ship3. Enjoy a nature walk through the forest. Smells the smells and listen to the sounds of the incredible environment around you!

4. Make your next toy purchase a green oneIf you don’t want to buy new, consider buying used from your neighborhood consignment shop.

5. Give a loved one a bouquet of flowers from your garden! Fresh cut flowers make people smile, and are easily composted when they are spent.

pick flowers6. Learn about a protected species. We were fortunate enough to observe Bald Eagles in their natural environment, but nature and outdoor centers are an excellent resource to learn about the creatures in your own state/country. Visit one soon!

7. Enjoy screen-free family time both outdoors and indoors! Turning off the TV conserves electricity, and gives children the opportunity to discover something new.

8. Make a nature craft. To create Bark Owls, use scissors to cut White Birch bark into the shape of an owl and invite your child to give it eyes, a beak, and legs – using whatever they find on the ground!

owls9. Fix that broken toy, chair, or vase. It’s simple: stuff breaks. Sometimes broken objects can be fixed. However, if the broken object is beyond repair, ask yourself if it can be re-purposed. If it can’t, be sure to recycle it!

10. Enjoy a beautiful gift from nature. Because those beautiful gifts – rainbows, sunsets, and a night sky blazing with stars – feel as if they were made just for you!

* * *

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