Play With Bubbles

Is there anything more magical to a child than a cloud of shimmering bubbles floating up towards the sky? I don’t think so!

batman in bubbles

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Any day is a good day to play with bubbles. Inclement weather? Bring them inside! Sunny and warm? Chase them outside! Time for bed? Fill the bathtub with them!

bubblesOver the years, we’ve created and tested several homemade bubble solutions. My favorite (shared below) works quite well and produces strong, lofty bubbles that float high above the roof of our home! Please keep in mind that any solution made with corn syrup may attract insects and will feel sticky upon drying. I typically use glycerin (found in the first aid section of drug stores and superstores, or in the baking supply section of most craft stores). I often use plain old tap water, but it is true that distilled water will produce a better bubble solution.

bubble solution recipe

I always purchase big bubble wands from The Dollar Tree because they make excellent bubbles, but beware – they break easily. Colin recently discovered that badminton rackets also create superb bubbles! However, our favorite bubble wands are our homemade wooden Monster Bubble Wands (see some in action here on Inner Child Fun!). They provide hours of fun!

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 dowel rods
  • 2 eye hooks
  • cotton butcher’s string
  • 1 metal washer
  • scissors
  • cordless drill


1. Drill a hole on one end of both dowel rods (this makes it easier to screw in the eye hooks).

2. Screw 1 eye hook into each dowel rod.

bubble wand collage

3. Cut 1 long length of butcher’s string (I usually use the length of my arms stretched wide). String the washer onto it.

4. Cut a second piece of butcher’s string that is half the length of the long one.

bubble wands

5. Tie both strings onto the eye hooks. Voila! You’ve got yourself a Monster Bubble Wand!

colin bubble

Bubbles also make a cool birthday gift! This is a basket that I put together for a birthday party that we are attending next weekend.

gift basket

The gift basket contains:

  • Corn syrup, glycerin, distilled water (not pictured), Dawn dish soap, clear dish soap, and Joy dish soap. 
  • 2 homemade Monster Bubble Wands
  • 2 Big Bubbles Wands
  • A bubble machine and batteries
  • A card containing the recipe for homemade bubble solution
  • A basket for storing bubble wands and a plastic box for storing bubble solution

I just know that Colin and Owen’s friends will love it!

bubble pile

How do you like to play with bubbles?

* * *

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