Welcome to Fireflies and Mud Pies!

My name is Melissa. I am a wife, a mother of two boys, an educator, and a writer. I used to work as an Elementary School Counselor in my life before blogging. I believe in play-based learning and think that with loving guidance, children are capable of learning anything. I hate dislike folding and putting away clean laundry (I’m okay with wearing it crumpled straight from the basket – really!) and love to garden, read, bake, and create. I work hard to give my boys an inspired, simple childhood filled with fireflies and mud pies!

I created this weblog for the same reason that any other person creates a blog; to share little bits of my life with others. The biggest part of my life right now is family. Please allow me to introduce the guys!

Todd, my husband and best friend, is exceptional at taking care of his family, making me laugh, and has a natural sense of direction that blows my mind (I am lost without my GPS!). Though he will tell you that he’s perfect at everything (he’s not), he’s probably only perfect for me. Oh! And Todd hates dislikes that I hate dislike folding and putting away the clean laundry (so in my thoughtfulness, I just let him do it most of the time and interpret his grumbling as appreciation!).

My sweet Owen is 3-years of bubbling energy, pure love, fun, and snuggles. Owen is skilled at catching toads and frogs, building and climbing, and winning wrestling matches. He loves animals, swimming, tractors, farms, picture books, playgrounds, superheroes, bubbles, eating ice-cream, tickles, and playing in the sand with trucks.

My handsome Colin is 5-years old. He is filled to the brim with love and empathy for every living creature, is shy around new people, and is Owen’s superhero. He loves books, horses, museums, pickles, coloring, writing, homemade/homegrown food, flannel shirts, and making up his own little imaginative games.

So, that’s us!

I hope this blog makes you laugh, smile or feel inspired. Maybe all three! Thank you for stopping by. Please spread the word about Fireflies and Mud Pies by liking and sharing posts that you have enjoyed, and by joining me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

(Many thanks to Kayla Swartz Photography for capturing my beautiful family.)

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I couldn’t find your email, but I wanted to borrow an image from your blog and feature you in a blurp. If you do not get back to me I will assume that it is okay, I will link to you and give you a traceback so you can find the blurp.

  2. Melissa!! What a wonderful idea. I had lunch with Tony yesterday and he told me about this page. With our younger grandkids, we should have a ball. Your models were finely chosen. The old man isn’t bad either…… Sir G

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