Leprechaun Milk with Mustache Straws

Recently, while strolling around Target for birthday party supplies, Colin noticed that the Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter decorations were all being displayed at the same time. (I noticed the bathing suits and how right at that very moment, my pants suddenly seemed too tight!)

He especially liked some funny striped St. Patrick’s Day straws, complete with orange mustaches – “a leprechaun mustache, Mommy!” he said. They were cute, but the price tag wasn’t. I took a mental picture and decided that we would make them ourselves. Continue reading

Raspberry Lemonade

I had a lovely Tuesday!

It’s county fair week here in our new town of _______, and I’ve never been to a more beautiful, classic (and inexpensive!) country fair. There were moments where I felt like I was in one of the fair scenes from Charlotte’s Web as I walked under mature trees and in and out of the animal barns with my children. Even one of the pig stalls had a spider’s web up in the front corner and I would not have been surprised to find the word “humble” woven into it. Continue reading