Chicken Tenders and BBQ Sauce

Once upon a time before children, I had a social life and carried a purse, instead of a diaper bag. I went to movies . . . and stayed awake for the whole entire show! I went white water rafting and rock climbing. (With no fear of dying and leaving my children alone on Earth.) I went to cities and stayed in hostiles and cheap hotels, without consideration or care about bed bugs, or whether the room was non-smoking. One particular trip to Chicago with girlfriends, we attended dinner at an upscale, sophisticated restaurant. My friends ordered dishes with names I could hardly pronounce and I ordered the chicken tenders. (With a glass of red wine, of course, because I’m classy like that!) Continue reading

Chicken Pot Pie

When Colin turned two years old, I asked him what he wanted to eat for his birthday dinner.

“Pot Pie!” he shouted with enthusiasm.

Seriously, what two year old actually asks for pot pie? My husband and I had a good laugh about it, and then celebrated Colin’s birth by eating birthday pot pie and cake.

Chicken pot pie has been Colin’s favorite food since then. I really can’t blame him. The sweet sizzling onions mingling with homemade pie dough turning golden in the oven smells like home. Continue reading