Peanut Butter – Chocolate Cream Cheese Spread

Cookout season has begun! If you are looking for a sweet appetizer to serve to your guests, Peanut Butter-Chocolate Cream Cheese Spread is a delicious choice! Children love it, and you won’t mind that it’s full of calcium, protein, and live and active cultures from Greek Yogurt! Continue reading

Edible Playdough

In a well-intended effort to introduce art to children as early as possible, it has become quite popular for parents to give babies yogurt based paints or to make flavored, edible playdough for toddlers. I even know of a mother who created edible paint from breast-milk, fruit purees, and infant rice cereal! Recipes for edible art supplies can be found across the internet, in magazines, and tucked away inside parenting books. Of course I am an advocate for encouraging children to create art, but I can’t honestly tell you that I think it is a good idea to give edible art supplies to children under the age of 3. Continue reading

Apple Fest 2012: Mr. Apple Head

Mr. Potato Head body parts are so versatile! We’ve used them for Play Dough creations, sensory bins, and now apples. Throughout this whole activity, Colin and Owen giggled and giggled! They liked their silly apple heads and how apple juice dribbled out when they pierced the skin of the apple with the body part. Continue reading