Our Backyard Chicken Flock

Many years ago, my husband and I decided that *someday* we would keep chickens. *Someday* finally arrived one month ago when eight yellow Buff Orpington chicks arrived in a tiny cardboard box by Priority Mail to our local farm store. We were asked to pick up our new backyard chicken flock within the hour!

our backyard chicken flock

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10 Ways to Honor Earth Day

Are you searching for a simple way to honor Earth Day with your children? Here are 10 ideas to get you started! Continue reading

Instead of Tossing It . . . Fix It!

Several days ago, my children received a generous box of wooden trains, tracks, and accessories from their Great Aunt. They were my cousin’s trains when he was a little boy, and Colin and Owen have thoroughly been enjoying them!

Deep inside of the box were several broken and chipped road signs. Colin asked me if I was going to throw them out. I replied, “No. We can fix these signs right up.” He cheered! Continue reading