Chocolate Easter Bunny Cookies

I have never really been a cake, pie, or brownie person. But, cookies . . .

In fact, I could easily confess that I might have (in-part) chosen college based upon the cookie trays presented to students-to-be at Open House. The education I received 4-years later was just a bonus.

A decade later, I still love cookies, but now they give me two doses of pleasure:

  1. They are just so yummy!
  2. I love baking cookies for my boys. Their little cheers of joy make me feel like a classic storybook mother – you know – the one who always has hot, homemade cookies and kind words ready for their children come 4 o’clock (most days by 4 o’clock, I’m ready for a nap and my words often contain hints of frustration!).

These soft Chocolate Bunny Cookies were no exception. The screeches of joy and approval didn’t just make me feel like that storybook mother; I felt like Mother of the Year. Continue reading