Make a Flower Chain Crown

Yesterday afternoon, the boys were playing King and Knight of New Hampshire. (Of course, Colin declared himself King and requested a crown!) Owen gave him a bucket to wear on his head and we laughed, and laughed, and laughed, as there really is nothing sillier than a King wearing a Bucket Crown! As the boys played, I sat down in the grass and noticed that the abundant growth of Dandelions, Wild Violets, and Forget-Me-Nots did make our yard look rather kingdomly and lovely. Did I remember how to make Flower Chain Crowns?

dandelion king crown

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Let’s Learn About: Pirates

Do you have a child who is simply captivated by stories about pirates? I have two of them! What is it with kids and pirates? Perhaps they are drawn to the romantic notion of an adventurous life at sea while searching for lost, forbidden treasure in the midst of a horrific storm. Perhaps they are semi-fascinated with the life of “bad guys” and through play, get to experience scaring people with gruff “argh-ing!” Whatever it is, pretending to be a pirate is harmless fun. Let’s learn about pirates! Continue reading

The Squash Shop

As could be expected, the weather here in Northern Michigan went from perfect to wet and cold in just one day. We needed a new, creative indoor activity and came up with The Squash Shop. It proved to be entertaining, educational, and also was a brilliant color, size and texture recognition activity for Owen. Continue reading